Vango Banshee 200

Vango Banshee 2013

The Vango Banshee 200 is a best selling tent and part of Vangos core tent line.  The tent is a 2 person lightweight and compact tent, suitable for many uses including hiking or overseas travel.  The tent is 2.14 kg in weight, packing down to a size of 45 x 15 cm and is a tunnel tent with 2 pre angled poles.

Vango say the Banshee 200 can be erected in 7 minutes.  The below video from Cotswold outdoors shows a little more information about the tent and most importantly how to pitch the Vango Banshee 200 Tent.

Banshee 200 Specifications

  • All in one pitching – the flysheet and inner simply and quickly pitch together.
  • 70D Protex® Polyester featuring Vango hexagonal pattern.
  • Breathable polyester Inner Tent.
  • Polyester groundsheet waterproof to 6,000mm.
  • Colour coded poles.
  • Pre-angled poles.
  • Flysheet door can be opened as a vent.
  • Rain stop flysheet door.
  • Multiple reflective points on the pegging points to pick up your torch light.
  • Flysheet vents with mesh covering.
  • Walking pole attachment eyelet in door.
  • Part mesh inner door.
  • Compression stuffsac.

Have a Banshee 200 Tent?  Leave a comment and let everyone know what you love about it and where you have been with it!


Robens 3 x 3 Trail Tarp

Robens Tarp

When I visited the Outdoor Show Robens was the only Tent manufacturer on show.  It was disappointing that not more of the tent companies had chosen to show their latest 2013 tents at the show.  But Robens had a great stand.  Today though I thought I would write about Tarps not Tents.  Last year I spent a very wet weekend camping in the Wye Valley.  A friend had brought a tarp and this proved to be a great lifesaver.  Whether you’re with a group or out on your own you don’t want to spend the whole day / evening hiding out in your tent so being able to sit under the tarp in the dry with a mug of tea in my hand while the rain pours down was relaxing!

Robens neatly split their range into Xtra Lite, Lite, Trail, Adventure and Outback, once you know what your needs are its then easy to pick your products from the relevant range.  Pictured above is the Robens Trail Tarp.

Robens description of the trail tarp is – the Trail Tarp measures 3 x 3 m and offers versatile shelter whether used with our telescopic poles, walking poles or in any other of the many ways that tarps can be rigged. Light durable guylines are attached to strong webbing loop hangers along the straight sides, reinforced to take punishment in the most trying conditions.

As you can see from the image there are 5 loops on every side of the tent (3 and the corners if we’re being precise) this gives you a great amount of flexibility in how you pitch the tarp, whether it’s a classic even amount of shelter each side, or if like in the image you pitch one side long and the other shorter for the view.  The Trail Tarp weighs 1.1kg, so if your carrying a tent too this is probably more of a basecamp model but if you want something lighter Robens offers them too, I just felt the trail tarp was the right mix of functionality and price.

Use a tarp?  Leave a comment and tell us how, or your favourite camping stories.


Robens Viper 2 Tent

Robens Viper 2

The Robens Viper 2 Tent sleeps as the name suggests 2 people.  The inner sleeping compartment has a floor space of 220cm by 130cm at the widest points.  The porch of the tent is another 90cm long giving ample space for gear storage.  The Viper is semi Geodesic with three poles all crisscrossing.  Semi Geodesic means that the tent holds its shape without the need of guy ropes.  This means a much more stable tent (though not as much as a fully Geodesic) but obviously pegging it down and using guy ropes will help in wind and other adverse conditions.

Robens Viper2 inside

The peak of the inner tent is 95cm high, this gives you much more comfort than many other tents, whether you just want to sit up and play Monopoly while it’s raining outside or whether you are just trying to change clothes.

The maximum weight of the tent is 2.9kg making this a well balanced tent between Weight x Size x Price – Its not super lightweight but with a recommended retail of £179 you get a lot of tent for your money!


Type of tent:     Semi-geodesic
Sleeps people:     2
Hydrostatic Head:     5000 mm
Flysheet:     HydroTex HD, 75D polyester 185T, 100% polyester. Fire retardant
Inner tent:     68D polyester 185T, 100% polyester, breathable
Rooms:     1 bedroom, 2 porch area
Poles:     Alloy #7001, T6, 9 mm, anodised
Floor:     75D polyester Taffeta 210T, 100% polyester, 10000 mm
Pitching way:     Inner tent first
Minimum weight:     2.6 kg
Pack size:     46 x 19 cm
Weight:     2.9 kg


North Face 2 Metre Dome Tent

North Face 2 Meter Base Camp Tent

The North Face 2 Metre Dome Tent is an impressive tent by all accounts.  It is a massive Geodesic Base camp tent that sleeps up to 8 people.  Specifically designed for long periods in the mountains this tent would make a comfortable safe haven.  The Dome shape is extremely durable and efficient in the tough environments of the mountains.  The steep walls easily shed snow and the high head height maximises the usable space of The North Face 2-Meter Dome base camp palace.  This all comes at a price though, £5,000.

Inside the Dome

The tent has 2 doors which allow cross ventilation, a chimney vent and 2 windows (if you want to look at the view outside or check the weather.  Sleeping isn’t the only use as a base camp it can be set up as a communications centre, medical unit or cook, dine and store gear and food in it.


  • Area – 11,6 m2
  • Capacity – 8
  • Fly – 210D nylon oxford with 1500 mm PU / canopy: 210D nylon oxford with 1500 mm PU / floor: 420D nylon taffeta with 10000 mm PU
  • Poles – Diameters/ 11.0 mm
  • Poles – Number/ 12
  • Stuffed – Size/ 81 cm x 58 cm
  • Total – Weight/ 23,13 kg
  • Trail – Weight/ 21,31 kg

All Packed Up


Vango Tent Kit – Spare Parts for your Tent

Vango Tent Kit

Ever unpacked your tent and and realised you’re missing a part, or the ground is too firm to get the pegs in?  What you need is the Vango tent kit.  The Vango Tent Kit contains

  • A Hammer – This is a fairly lightweight plastic hammer but will give you that essential power to knock in pegs however firm the soil
  • A Peg Extractor – A Hook with a easy grip which makes pulling pegs a breeze
  • 10 x Steel hook & pin pegs 18cm x 4mm – There’s nothing worse than getting to a campsite and finding you don’t have enough pegs, or want to storm rig your tent with extra pegs, so 10 Steel hook and pin pegs will give you plenty spare to work with.
  • 5 x Steel V pegs standard – Aswell as Hook and Pin Pegs, 5 V pegs are included too.
  • 4 x Guylines with runner 300cm x 4mm – If you snap a guy rope you’ll be pleased to have some spares, alternatively you could rig these up as a washing line.

The RRP for the Vango Tent Kit is £15, and its a perfect accessory if you camp often with the car or in large groups.


66 ways to put up a Tarpaulin Shelter

Image Source Photobucket

A Tarpaulin Shelter can be a useful thing to have when your camping.  If your practicing true bushcraft it might be all you have for shelter and cover, or even if you have a tent you might want a tarp as a dining cover, or just something dry to sit under.

We found this infographic via Pinterest which details 66 different ways to put up a Tarp.  How you put up a tarp will depend on the use.  Tarpaulins can be used for

  • As a tent / a spare tent
  • A place to still and chat of an evening in the dry rather than being stuck in the tent
  • A kitchen / covered preparation area
  • An organisation area, to lay out kit, put things for drying etc

and I’m sure you have many more uses aswell!

What to look for in a tarp

  • Weight – Something lightweight for easy transport or something heavier?
  • Waterproofing – A waterproofed tarp will be very handy, be aware that canvas will get quite heavy when wet.
  • Size – Depending on the number of people and the use pick the size most suitable
  • Accessories – Poles, Rope / guy lines, pegs

So there are 66 ideas for using your tarp, which do you use, the classic A Frame or something else?  Leave a comment and let us know!


Gelert Rocky 2 Tent

The Gelert Rocky 2 Tent comes with an RRP of £59.99 so this isn’t a highly technical all weathers tent. Often though thats not what you need, here at Procamping we reckon the Rocky 2 could make the perfect festival tent or a tent for first time / fair weather campers.  The Gelert Rocky 2 Tent sleeps two people and has a large front porch for gear storage.

 The inner tent is attached so its easy to pitch all in one, and the porch area comes complete with a groundsheet.


    • Weight: 3.6kg
    • Packed size: 41 x 17 x 17cm
    • Capacity: 2 Person
    • Poles: Fibreglass
    • Flysheet: PU Polyester
    • Inner: breathable polyester
    • Groundsheet: Polyethylene

The Tent Commandments

Ok so we’re not convinced by the name “Tent Commandments” but this infographic from Outdoor World Direct is a great guide to some basic tent and camping essentials.

The 10 Rules are –

Pitch Before Play – Perhaps the most important rule, it’s so tempting when you arrive at a site to go off exploring or find a local restaurant, but first things first, get your tent up!  You will be thankful afterwards, it will mean you’re not putting up your tent in the dark, and you won’t get back to the site and find there are no pitches left.

Have the right sleeping bag – So most of us just have one sleeping bag so this commandment may sound a little far-fetched, but the principle holds, if your shopping for a sleeping bag, consider where you are most likely to use it and therefore what sort of temperature rating it should be.  Also consider a sleeping bag liner, in the winter a sleeping bag liner could provide you with extra warmth or if its Summer you may feel you only need the sleeping bag liner and not a full sleeping bag.

Feed Me – If you are camping with family or even friends there is nothing worse than a hungry camper.  Keep your crew well fed so ensure you have a sufficient cooking stove, pots and pans to feed your camp mates.

Dress to impress – Layering is the key here, if your camping in Britain expect the unexpected, start with a decent base layer, and layer up so that you have options to remove or add as your activities and weather require.

Don’t get lost – I often find this is easier said than done, why is it even following what looks like a straight line on a map I end up losing the trail.  So I would change this to the Scout Motto “Be Prepared”, Take a paper map, yes phone GPS are great too but only while the battery lasts, so make sure you plan ahead and prepare.

Boot up – A good pair of walking boots are key, they’ll protect your ankles, keep you waterproof and cope with whatever conditions you encounter.

Survive! – Don’t forget a survival kit, either make your own specialised to the conditions you’ll be facing or buy a premade kit.  Outdoor World recommend you keep your survival kit in your pocket, as if you’re separated from your rucksack you don’t want to be without your survival gear.

Keep Clean – This is true not just in camping but all the time, keep the countryside clean and leave it how you would expect to find it.

Keep the Kids Entertained – A lot of the time when camping they’ll be a lot of down time, so take a Frisbee or some outdoor toys to keep the kids entertained, and prepare for rain!  If you’re stuck in the tent in a day of rain have some travel board games to hand.

Relax and Have Fun – Despite us just quoting 10 rules at you, camping isn’t about rules and orders!  It’s about escaping the mundane day-to-day desk job and enjoying yourself!  So have a great time camping.

Do you have any rules you always adhere to when camping?  Something you always take, or a procedure you always follow?  Leave a comment and let us know


Cool and Quirky Tents

Originally I wanted to title this post novelty tents, but some of these tents are so technically engineered (like the Field Candy Tents) that they don’t deserve the title “Novelty”.  So here are 5 cool and quirky tents!


When we started our search for the most novel and unusual tents out there we knew we could just fill the list with tents from

Every Field Candy Tent is unique, the sides of the tents are printed with a wide variety of scenes.  We’ve picked two of our favourites a tent entitled “Get a Room” showing a silhouette of a couple kissing, and picnic perfect a round of traditionally British sandwiches.

FieldCandy Tents don’t just look good they are also designed to a high level of performance with classic ‘A’ frame storm tent construction. Based on the hardiest expedition tents on the market today, to stand up to extreme weather conditions.

At one time in our lives we’ve all probably dreamed of buying a Volkswagen camper van and travelling round Britain or Europe.  VW’s can be hard to come by but not this one!  The VW Camper Van Tent is produced by the monster factory.  Designed on the 1965 Model VW Camper Van this tent is 1:1 Scale and sleeps 4 adults in comfort.  Since its actual size its height gives you space for dressing.  The roof has a waterproof Hydrostatic Head of 3000mm and the walls have a HH of 1000mm. Guy lines on the front and sides help keep things upright in blustery conditions and the side entrance allows access to both inner bedrooms.

The JakPak was a shock to us, a tent you can wear!  It’s a Jacket, Tent and sleeping bag all in one!  To be honest we’re not sure about this one!  The concept could be interesting for “urban camping” – The queue for a new iPhone or in the stands at a sports event, but we’re not convinced that we’d take it on our next weekend away.  Have you used the Jakpak?  Got a view?  Leave a comment.

We’re back to the transport theme with this next tent.  This London Underground Tube Tent was released by Firebox around the start of the Olympics to give tourists that London feel!  They market is as sleeps 16 or 72 standing room!  The tent is split into 7 compartments, 5 sleeping and 2 entrance ways.  At 1550cm (That’s 15 metres!) we think you’d have to find a very understanding campsite owner!


Terra Nova Laser Competition 1 Tent

The Terra Nova Laser Competition Tent is a classic 1 person tent design.  The Fly and inner pitch together so it is easy to put up in all weathers in just 7 minutes!  This is a superlite weight tent, the standard packed weight is just 0.93Kg, however the tent is compatible with the Terra Nova FASTPACK system, which gives it a fastpack weight of just 0.58kg!

This tent is a design Terra Nova have refined, in this most recent version there are additional guy points for stability, extra ventilation points and packs smaller.

The Terra Nova Laser Competition Tent has won several awards including

  • Best In Test – Adventure Travel Magazine
  • Best In Test – Trail Magazine
  • outdoor Silver Industry Award 2006

Specifications and Features

  • Weight: 0.93kg
  • Packed size: 40 x 12cm
  • Dimensions: 220 x 143cm (Pitched)
  • Capacity: 1 Person
  • Poles AL DAC
  • Fabric 40D Silicone Ripstop nylon
  • Simultaneous flysheet and inner pitching
  • Waterproof pole sleeve cover included
  • Titanium Skewers 2g each
  • Part mesh screen on inner door
  • Bath tub groundsheet
  • Reflective trim on pole sleeve for easy identification
  • Reflective guy ropes